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Welcome to the Finest Collection of apes on the xrpl

  • The XRP ape collection is the first umbrella collection of the Tyrant Empire and the finest collection of 3D apes on the XRPL .
  • The XRP ape collection is comprised of over 3,000 unique & professionally designed apes.
  • Each nft gives the holder access to a cutting-edge 3D avatar to ensure that you can ape into your favorite Metaverse and/or Game Engine in style .
  • a percentage of every sale goes to the tyrant treasury; additionally, every xrp ape nft is eligible to earn a tyrant treasury payout every tyrant tuesday.    

XRP apes are currently sold on Sologenic & OnXrp marketplaces .

Hundreds of traits with over 8.6 billion combinations!

Win XRP by claiming bounties!

Mint an ape with the following gold attributes to instantly win XRP

Mint a legendary ape to instantly win the 1000 XRP Jackpot

By minting an xrp ape on oxrp marketplace, you have a chance at randomly acquiring one of the above traits. join our Discord to claim your bounty.



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