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The Tyrant Treasury:

The Empire's crown jewel

Learn about how the treasury acts as the engine behind the Empire's internal economy.

Yield generation

long-term asset expenditure
One of the main features of the tyrant treasury is to provide the project with sustained and diversified revenue using the many outlets available within the cryptocurrency space. These investments include coin staking, LP provision and crypto lending. The Yield would then be used to reinvest, pay for project development, buy + burn $tyrant & more.

Tyrant Raids

Yield diversification, partner support & direct community involvement.
When the treasury reaches a certain threshold, NFT holders will decide on a partnered rewards project to invest these funds into. (A large portion of $TYRANT will be sold to make this purchase on the BSC [remember, this will increase price of $TYRANT]). The tokens that are purchased will be locked away in the treasury and the rewards will be treated as yield generation.

Treasury Payouts

Giving back to our community members
We value the citizens of the empire whole-heartedly. To show our appreciation, we pay out a percentage of the yield every week to a varying number of NFT holders. The number of holders that receive this weekly incentive, as well as the amount that is paid, are dependent on marketplace volume, annual yield percentage as well as overall market conditions.


giving back to humanity
The only way we can make the world a better place is by giving back to the world. The empire will regularly make donations to various organizations that are voted on by the NFT holders.

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