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The token that only increases in value
Powered by XUSD; TYRANT is designed to benefit from all market conditions and activity. Every transaction, whether it is a buy, sell or transfer, raises the price. "Diamond hands" & "Paper hands" don't matter here. tyrant is here to change the world of cryptocurrency & investing forever.


Secure & decentralized
To ensure the longevity & security of the project; $Tyrant was crafted with the perfect balance of decentralization. The internal LP is completely inaccessible and is handled exclusively by the internal market maker that is built into the token contract. This allows the token to be as secure as possible while retaining full ownership of the contract. This is necessary for the construction of the vast ecosystem that surrounds (and will surround) the Tyrant token.  


Transact without connecting your wallet
The $Tyrant contract features a built in swapper that allows the minting & redeeming (buying & selling) of $Tyrant by simply sending funds from your wallet. No need to connect your wallet to any 3rd-party source, including Pancakeswap and even the Tyrant Empire dApp.

The strongest token in the world?

The Tyrant Token that fuels the Tyrant economy is not only unique but outrageously powerful.
It is collateralized over 100% and features a revolutionary internal market maker built into its contract; it is not only secure, decentralized and easy to transact with, but it NEVER loses its value.
Not only is $TYRANT immune to market conditions, whale manipulation, vulnerabilities, “paper hands” and LP tampering (IE: Rugpulls) but since it is powered by XUSD, it can perpetually raise in price with absolutely no transaction volume. That’s right, there could be zero buys, sells or transfers of Tyrant and the price would still gradually increase.
How is this possible??
This is made possible by a few things. One of them is due to the internal market maker’s advanced formula that’s built into the token contract. Combine this with the tokenomics, Elastic supply and True burn; every transaction made using the token contract (Internal LP) RAISES the price forever. And since it is backed by $XUSD, every transaction raises the value of $XUSD as well. Thus in return, raising the price of $TYRANT’s internal LP.

Interminable ascension

Since $Tyrant is completely “cut-off” from the cryptocurrency market, there are a few measures in place that allow it to benefit from day-to-day market activity.


External liquidity pools are, and will continue to be provided for the use of arbitrage bots. These pools pair $TYRANT with various protocols (the most common is $BNB). These token pairings will have price fluctuations due to price changes of the underlying paired asset. These price changes provide the arbitrage bots the opportunity to capitalize on this market activity.


Example: Our Pancakeswap pool has a LP pairing of $TYRANT & $BNB. Let’s imagine BNB’s price goes up dramatically due to bull-market conditions and the price of $TYRANT on Pancakeswap surpasses the price of $TYRANT in its’ internal LP. The arbitrage bot(s) will capitalize on this market activity by buying $TYRANT from the internal LP and then immediately sell it on Pancakeswap. 


Not only does this provide consistent volume for the internal LP, but it also allows $TYRANT the opportunity to directly benefit from bull AND bear market activity.


With a token this unique, there are bound to be questions.

As hard as it is to believe, YES! As an “X” token, every transaction with the internal LP raises the price forever.

The Pancakeswap pool was provided solely for arbitrage to capitalize on market conditions and drive consistent to the internal LP. The price on Pancakeswap will fluctuate.

Only Smart Chain (BEP-20) BNB can be sent to the token address to buy/mint Tyrant. Sending anything else may be irretrievable.

You can check the price on our dApp here, or by using our wonderful mini dApp courtesy of RocketFi here

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