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With the crypto industry being as unpredictable as it is innovative and ever-changing, sometimes things just don’t work out the way they were intended to. This can create immense pressure for teams who have their backs against a wall. whether their token is failing, their expenses are piling up or their community continues to lose faith; The annex protocol offers a solution. 

The Annex protocol offers projects and teams “a way out” when they have no option but to cease all operations. This protocol allows the team to exit the project in an honorable fashion while allowing their holders a second and guaranteed chance at recouping some ( if not all )  of their losses over time.
Essentially, the tyrant empire would assimilate the project token’s remaining LP and airdrop the equivalent value to the remaining holders of the project in the form of $Tyrant.
We want to do our best in  preventing “Missing developers” & “Rug Pulls” that are all too common in this space to protect the integrity of the BSC while maintaining the trust of its users.

If you or a project you know would be interested in the annex protocol, please fill out the form by clicking the button below.

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