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The Tyrant Empire provides everything you need to create the web3 project you have been dreaming about.

when we say “everything”, we mean it. 

The tyrant Empire is a central hub for creators of all types.

Meaning, we can provide everything you need. Whether it is to add to an existing project/company you may have…

Or to help create a brand new one from the ground-up.

from beginning to end, absolutely nothing is off limits…

Nothing is impossible.

Take a look at the extensive list of services we & our partners provide:

Digital art

When it comes to digital art, the Tyrant empire is the best in the industry. There are absolutely no limits to the art styles we can produce. 

Not only can we create stunning images and seamless animations, but we can also create 3D models that can easily be imported into your favorite game engine and metaverse.

all of this is done from scratch to ensure 100% originality and unparalleled quality.

NFT collections

We can create a breath-taking collection of up to 10,000 unique 3D avatars, Objects, utility items & animations.

Character creation

We develop game engine and metaverse-ready characters from scratch. complete with full animation rigging, Weight painting, textures and packaged in multiple file formats; ready for anything.

Animated 3D logos


interactive 3d models

Go above and beyond by allowing your community & customers to directly interact with your models.

Project Necessities

We help project leaders make their vision come to life. 

Everything from logos, websites, community assets (such as stickers packs & custom emotes), all the way to custom backgrounds, banners, charts & more.

Project/company logos

Every project needs a logo, we can create a completely original yet eye-catching logo to perfectly fit the vibe of your project.

Website design & Development

First impressions are very important. We will ensure your website is as robust as it is informative to guarantee a professional feel while maintaining fun & interactivity.

Banners & Backgrounds

Every website, social media platform & interface needs to look good and original. No more copy-and-pasting google images & videos; let us create high-end visuals, backgrounds, banners & stickers for your project.

Telegram & Discord stickers

allow your community to use stickers, emotes & GIFs custom made for your project

Project development

Successful Defi projects have secure foundations of reliable and cutting-edge development. Contact us today to meet our team who is eager to partner with you on your blockchain journey.

Smart contracts

Let us automate your project by providing state-of-the-art code to act as the backbone to your ecosystem.

Token Creation

Give your web3 project it's own economy. Not only do we provide a plethora of different token options, but also the most secure contract code you can buy; security comes first.

Bots & Scripts

Let us automate your project by providing state-of-the-art code to act as the backbone to your ecosystem.


Go beyond the ordinary! Give your customers a robust, secure, and functional touchpoint to interact with your smart contracts.

p2e games

Drive engagement with revenue-earning games of all genres, complete with features your community will love! We specialize in Unreal Engine 5.


The new frontier of Web3 awaits! We work with new or existing projects to explore use cases and design a creative metaverse approach.

contract audits

Know your way around the blockchain? Leverage our team of experts to review your code to ensure they are working as intended.

Project consulting

You have a vision and are ready to start your Web3 journey, but where do you begin? We are not just developers, we offer advice, ideas, and services that will set you apart!


The Fastest Growing Marketing and Advisory Agency for Crypto, NFT’s, Gaming, and Web3.

After realizing there was a massive need for transparent marketing and community growth, we started a team of some of the best marketers in the crypto space to ensure organic engagement and results.


We have scanned the market for the most diverse and engaging influencers and built direct relationships with them to fit every need.


Ensuring your business reaches the right audience at the right time is important, and can be key to bringing your product to the masses.

Public Relations

PR with your business will enable it to reach a coveted demographic. We will put your business in front of active investors to push you further.

Marketing & SEO

We can make sure your products are at the top of search results by targeting specific demographics to boost your exposure.

Social Media

Having a social media presence is vital in today's market and is easily one of the most powerful tools in anyone's arsenal.


We can make your product reach millions by leveraging our partnerships with Nascar drivers, athletes, boxers, Formula 1, and more.

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