Tyrant Prompt Generator

v1.4.0 Update Is here!

  • Negative Prompt Generation

    (Beta Feature) Enhanced precision in prompt generation with the introduction of negative prompting.

  • Improved Prompt Generation

    Improved algorithm for even more diverse, effective, and creative output.

  • U.I. Improvement

    Sleeker, more user-friendly interface for an enhanced user experience.

An Endless World Of Creation In Your Hands.

From surreal landscapes to intricate character designs, the scope is limitless. The Tyrant Prompt Generator is your canvas for creativity, offering endless possibilities to explore, experiment, and express.

High-Quality Prompt Creation

Crafted for artists by artists, the Tyrant Prompt Generator transforms even a single word into a rich, detailed prompt. This tool harnesses the power of advanced algorithms to understand and expand your creative input, providing you with a springboard for your artistic endeavors.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with the artist in mind, our intuitive interface makes generating prompts an effortless and enjoyable experience. It’s a seamless blend of simplicity and power, suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals.


Prompt Generated:

(simple drawing, sketch:1.1), (portrait:1.2), (energetic:1.1) dog, (border collie:1.2), (running:1.2), (tongue out:0.8), (vibrant park:1.2), (blue sky:1.1)


Prompt Generated:

(best quality), (masterpiece), (detailed), 8K, (realistic:1.2) cat, (tabby:1.2), (resting:1.1), (intense gaze:0.8), (soft fur:1.1), (sunlit room:1.1), (fine details:1.2), (photorealistic:1.1)


Prompt Generated:

(simple drawing, sketch:1.1), (portrait:1.2), (elegant:1.1) woman, (brunette:1.2), (smiling:0.8), (wearing a red dress:1.2), (standing:1.1), (graceful:1.1), (soft lighting:1.1).


Prompt Generated:

(simple drawing, sketch:1.1), (portrait:1.2), (handsome:1.1) man, (dark hair:1.2), (serious expression:0.8), (wearing a suit:1.2), (standing:1.1), (confident:1.1), (sharp features:1.1), (subtle lighting:1.1)


Prompt Generated:

(best quality), (masterpiece), (detailed), 8K, (realistic:1.2) cyborg, (man:1.1), (cyberpunk:1.2), (metallic parts:1.2), (glowing eyes:0.8), (sci-fi:1.1), (high-tech suit:1.2), (intense expression:1.1), (dark background:1.1), (fine details:1.2), (photorealistic:1.1).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Tyrant Prompt Generator

Yes, prompts generated by the Tyrant Prompt Generator can be used for both personal and commercial projects. However, we recommend reviewing any specific licensing or usage terms associated with the AI art software you are using to ensure compliance.

We offer comprehensive support for all users of the Prompt Generator. If you encounter any issues or have questions, you can reach out to our support team via email or through our website. We are committed to providing timely and helpful assistance to ensure the best possible user experience.

Absolutely! The Prompt Generator is designed with a user-friendly interface that is easy for beginners to navigate, while also offering advanced features for seasoned artists. Whether you're just starting out or have extensive experience, the Prompt Generator is an invaluable tool for anyone involved in AI art and animation.

The Prompt Generator is designed to handle a wide range of inputs, from very broad to highly specific. Whether you input a single word or a detailed description, the tool is capable of generating a creative and relevant prompt for your AI art project.

As of now, there are no strict limitations on the number of prompts you can generate. We encourage artists to use the Prompt Generator as much as needed to fuel their creativity and explore different artistic possibilities.