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The rise of the Tyrant Empire

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What is the Tyrant Empire?

The Tyrant Empire is a digital production conglomerate that prides itself on True value

We aim to steer the world of crypto in the right direction by providing this true value

Interact with the modules below to get an overview of a few of the assets we will use to do so.

Tyrant token

Every transaction raises the price forever
$TYRANT was carefully designed to be the most powerful token ever created. It is collateralized over 100% in it's internal LP meaning the price can NEVER decrease. It is powered by $XUSD which similarly; can also NEVER decrease in value. This makes $TYRANT the FIRST double over-collateralized utility token; perfect for providing true value to an Empire.
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Tyrant Laboratory

Cutting-edge digital art studio
The Empire's art production studio specializes in 3D modeling & animation. We can create anything from hyper-realistic models, HD animations, Game engine & Metaverse-ready avatars, Graphics, Logo design, model rigging and MORE!
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Tyrant Treasury

The empire's crown jewel
The Tyrant Treasury plays a major role in providing value to the project, NFT holders, token holders and the team. Allocated funds from token transactions, NFT sales and more make their way into the treasury and aid in many different ways. These include investments into yield-generating protocols, Tyrant Raids, Buy & Burns, Project development, Donations and more!
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Tyrant Enterprise

Full-fledged project development
Smart Contracts, dApps, bots/scripts, Logos, Websites, hosting, consulting, and more. We will provide everything you need to create -or add onto- the project of your dreams. Recommend our services to earn a portion of the commission!
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Empire Annex

The solution for failing projects
The Crypto space is very unpredictable. as such, Things often do not go as planned. We offer projects and their team a way to "rest" while welcoming their holders into our vast economy to recoup some -if not all- of their losses.
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Empire Marketplace Invasion

as Tyrants; we will take over
To truly driving mass adoption; utilization and education are among the most important factors in doing so. With many blockchains in existence, each with their own advantages and unique aspects, we aim to make the most out of each and every one of the major chains while innovating and educating our community on them along the way.

Empire Conquest Stratagem

Here’s what to expect from the Empire’s conquest to global domination:


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